Breed Consultations

Breed Consulation

Noah’s Ark Pet Hospital is happy to offer BREED CONSULTATION and COUNSELING for our loyal pet owners! If you are you currently looking for, or have a breed of pet you would like to know more about, matching the perfect pet has just become easier. 

Are you looking for: 

  • A family dog?
  • A guard dog?
  • An apartment dog?
  • A hypoallergenic dog?
  • A hairless dog?

Are you familiar w/the breed’s: 

  • Personality?
  • Health Disposition?
  • Group History?
  • Grooming Requirements?
  • Training Capabilities?
  • Life Expectancy?

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with an experienced and dedicated staff member and get the inside scoop with an analysis on your furry friend.  You will be provided a 20-minute complete breed analysis consultation, including a health disposition breakdown, personality traits, breed history, grooming and training tips, as well as diet recommendations.  Wewill also provide you with additional resources and extended resources on breeders, clubs, and events that will expand your knowledge and assist you with the very best care of your new beloved friend, all for just $20.00.

Visit our website at and click the “Breed Consultation” tab at the top of the Home Page for more information.  Click the “Schedule an Appointment” tab and request your Breed Consultation appointment today!